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About us

Dear Friends,

We started our business 11 years ago, the main inspiration behind Moksha Imports being that of Ramesh Shah, our founder, whose untimely death in 2018 left us with a big void, which hit us hard very personally. But with his blessings and his wish, we have carried on and all the hard work that he put in and all the guidance he gave us, his legacy will always live on.

And as always, we will strive to bring new products- hand made and hand assembled by our wonderful group of artisans – both in India and in Bali. With the exquisite glass beads and hand cut iron and wood pieces – and the ever present NANA Bells – our chimes and mobiles and hangings are unique in their own special way. We also have brought new assorted line of decorative pieces, iron hooks, paper and cloth bags and accessories and costume jewelry.

We are grateful to our efficient family run office in Surat, India – without whom and the craftspeople there-it would have been impossible to bring such wonderful hand made products. And always grateful to our fine craftsmen in Bali-who are always a pleasure to work with. And no amount of appreciation will be enough to our friend and artist, Marcie Preisler, whose help and guidance we always treasure.

At Moksha, we always believe in fair practices in working with our artists and craftsmen. The charity work that Ramesh started, to help our artists and craftsmen and their family, we are still continuing to do so and will forever do it. Our annual book bank project to help deserving students with their textbooks that we donate to in Trichy, South India, to our various equipment purchases to help our craftspeople in Kutch, India to help them with their work and also the medical assistance we give them annually to help them and their family. All this is possible because of your support.

Thank you once again to our dear customers – we are so glad you enjoy the products we have to offer and be assured that we will always bring new and unique products, with the sense and the pride that we treat our artists and our craftsmen with respect and honor that they deserve for all the wonderful hand- made crafts they make that we offer, through them, to you.

Thank you!

Usha Ramesh Shah

Aashish R. Shah

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