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Our Charity Work

Being conducted under the auspices of Shah Family Education Sponsorship Program

These are some of the projects we have worked on or are working on and please be assured that we will keep you updated through our website and via e-mails and flyers. We hope for your support in continuing these projects.

We have donated this March, two Desktop computers to two different schools in India - in the region of Kutch - where our Nana bells are made.

We have finalized plans to help 35 school children in the same region - to supply them with their year's supply of uniform; books; shoes etc. The new school year starts in June, so before the school starts these 35 children, will have their supplies given to them. These children's families were affected tremendously by the earthquake.

Also we have tied up with RockCity Welfare Association Book Bank Project in the state of Tamil Nadu, in South India (where our paper bags are made by Self Help Women's Group) by providing them funds so that they can successfully continue their project which was started in 1998 by a group of well wishers. Their wish is to see that every deserving and economically challenged student is provided with the Text books needed so that he or she can continue with their education. These books are loaned to the student. So far they have helped over 13,000 students.

We are continuing to make progress in expanding to couple more quality educational projects and we should have further details as soon as the plans are finalized on our website in the near future. And as soon as we have photos available we will be posting them on our website of the school children and the book bank projects.

Your esteemed feedback and support is greatly appreciated. We would be glad to answer any .questions or if you need any further information on these and future projects.

Any information you need, please contact us by e-mail ( or call us at 972-539-8822.

Thank you once again!
Ramesh & Usha Shah

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